Services We Provide

We can help you choose the right words for the right time and the right place. We provide bespoke speechwriting, communications advice and training. All the way from writing key-note speeches, to editing drafts, and right down to the nuts and bolts of social media.



Of all the different ways we communicate, nothing is more powerful than a great speech. You can win people’s hearts and minds, win votes or win new business. But if you fail to prepare properly you can lose all these things – and your confidence. A professional speechwriter can help with the text, analyse your style, and work with you to present the best version of yourself – and your message.


Communications support and advice

Sometimes you know what you want to say, and the actions you want to inspire, but you just haven’t quite figured out how. We can help add clarity and even a little sparkle to your words, or we can be there in a crisis to bring authority and calm to even the toughest situation.


Coaching & Training

We provide bespoke training and coaching for people who want to extend their skills and boost their confidence. Whether it is writing with a punch, delivering speeches with impact, or developing an executive presence – we can help you.